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Ponderosa Pet
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We Provide Dog, Cat, & Exotic House-Calls
for Durango, Colorado
& La Plata County
(including Bayfield, Ignacio, Hesperus, Hermosa, Purgatory Resort, Vallecito, Lemon)

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Currently we are providing routine wellness & preventative health care options, early disease detection & treatment, as well as assistance with senior life issues. We understand that sometimes it’s a challenge traveling to a veterinary clinic for these routine services, so our solution is to bring the healthcare directly to your home, office, or out to the ranch!

If this sounds like an interesting service, you might want to consider some of the following reasons our clients have given for choosing mobile veterinary care:

  • Senior companions or larger pets may struggle being loaded comfortably into a vehicle
  • Nervous pets can avoid the anxiety of a hospital setting’s unfamiliar sights, sounds, & smells
  • Pets need not fear the stress of being separated from their family during hospital procedures
  • Sometimes our companions don’t display the same symptoms when away from home
  • Not all pets can safely be handled when other animals are sharing a waiting room at busy clinics
  • Pets who live in aquariums or enclosures difficult to move can be observed in their own habitats
  • Sometimes it’s challenging to manage multiple animals all at the same time
  • And avoiding car sickness is always a plus for the sensitive travelers!



At this time, we are offering the following pet care services:

  • Routine Wellness Exams
  • Vaccinations & Deworming
  • Microchipping & Registration
  • Heartworm Testing
  • Nutrition & Behavior Consultation
  • Food & Seasonal Allergy Testing
  • Early Disease Identification & Management
  • Laboratory Diagnostics (bloodwork etc.)
  • Portable Digital X-ray
  • Prescriptions & Medication Monitoring
  • Pet Nursing Care
  • Laser Therapy
  • Senior Care & Hospice
  • At-Home Euthanasia & Cremation



We are more than happy to wear masks upon request!

We will also continue to disinfect equipment between appointments and practice frequent hand cleansing procedures.
Please let us know any specific precautionary measures you would like us to take during a visit.

We also ask that you please alert us to any illness symptoms that have been experienced by anyone on your premises before our visit, regardless of whether it is Covid related, because we do have immunocompromised staff members who are committed to their own health as well as that of your pets! 

Thank you all for your cooperation :)



It is our mission at Ponderosa Pet Mobile Vet to deliver convenient quality pet care for dogs, cats, and other small animal species in a familiar home environment. Compassionately addressing the wellbeing of animal loved ones in a safe and fear free manner is our highest priority. By offering this mobile service, we aim to reduce difficulties associated with attaining proper pet care, and endeavor for more companion animals to receive the valuable benefits of regular veterinary visits.

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